Hi Thomas,

Actually there was no such thing as an accessible live action audio dos game 
for us.  All though David Greenwood and PCS Games tried and emulated it pretty 
good, like with Cops and Robbers.  The thing is, we had no Basic wave file 
playing code.  So to play a wave file we would use the Basic shell command to 
use an external wave file player program.  Of course though with this method 
the game was totally suspended while the wave file was being played.  But in 
Windows with DirectX and sapi5 they have the ability to play a wave file and 
speak in an asynchronous manner.  So unlike the dos games the program can 
continue and can do calculations, get keyboard or joystick input, play another 
wave file, stop speech and start new speech etc.  In dos none of that could 
happen while the game was shelled out to play the wave file.

I could be wrong, but I believe that David created Shades of Doom before he 
converted Lone Wolf to a windows version.


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Hi Jim,
Actually, I think the first live action game for the blind would have
to be Lone Wolf. It was GMA's second title and it was real time based
rather than turn based. Lone Wolf 1.0 was for Dos, but eventually
David Greenwood rewrote it in VB 6 and then 2.0 and later were full
Windows releases. So Lone Wolf probably takes the credit since it was
out far longer than Shades of Doom. Although, Shades of Doom was
probably the first true First-Person game for the blind.


On 11/4/10, Jim Kitchen <j...@kitchensinc.net> wrote:
Hi Neophyte,

Thanks, and thanks for checking out my site.

Yeah, text based games were the first and only accessible games for us for a
very long time.  Like the Infocom text adventure games and all of the BBS
door games and the like.  That is one reason that it is so fun to be able to
write and play live action audio games.  Even just simple ones like Pong
were revolutionary for blind accessible games.  But I believe that Shades of
Doom was the first true live action accessible audio game.



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