Thomas: Out of curiosity, is it fun reading about all the wrong speculation? In another post, you said that they are barking up the wrong tree, and I can hear the chuckles.

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Right. Although, being underwater helps, because Angela will have to
hold her breath while underwater. The Hydra's breath was only faytal
if you were unfortunate enough to breath it in. Holding your breath
therefore protected you from that attack. If you were bitten, though,
that would be a different matter.


On 11/9/10, Bryan Peterson <> wrote:
I doubt it. Like I said in another message the Hydra's bound to have some
nasty physical attacks and if Thomas goes by the myth she was also said to have highly poisonous breath. Come to think of it her blood was said to be poisonous as well. But her breath alone was supposedly toxic enough to kill
anyone who came near her. And of course Heracles dipped his arrows in her
blood after killing her. But like I also said it sounds as though that fight
will be underwater so there would also be Angela's oxygen supply to watch
out for.
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