Hi Hayden,

That's not actually a mode. The term god-moding" is a generic
reference used by gamers to describe anyone who reaches a level of
invincibility that is unatural, unrealistic, or so powerful that
nothing can possibly defeat the player character. In a way, it is as
much an attitude as character attributes.

For example, let's say you enter all the cheat codes in to Shades of
Doom. By doing so you would have top armour, invincible to monsters,
the ability to walk through walls, fast walking, unlimited ammo, etc.
Basically, all those attributes together is pretty much godlike since
there is no way any monsters can beat the main character, and it is
impossible to lose the game. That is "god-moding" in its worst form
since you take on godlike invincibility.

However, the term is often used in tabletop RPG games, because there
are some players that have an unrealistic idea of what there character
can or should be able to do in the game world.

For example, let's assume you are playing a knight with some really
good plate armour. I don't care how fast and strong you are you can't
run fast, do flips, jump over chasms, etc as the weight of the heavy
plate armour is going to drag you down.  So naturally the weight
should count against your dice roll and cancel out any ajility rating
you have. Still, you'll be surprised how many people out there think
they can have the best armour, best weapons, best of everything, and
there is no reason why they can't run like the flash and jump over
tall buildings like superman with all that gear. This is god-moding
because the player has an over rated sense of his or her character's
worth, and that they are superior at everything and anything they do.
In other words, "spoiled sports."

So like I said when you use the teleporter to restart the game is
something like god-moding because you have all the good armour, all
the good weapons, all the ammo you could want, etc but it isn't
cheating. There is a chance you can get killed, and there are some
cheats it doesn't activate such as fast walking, invincibility to
monsters, walk through walls, etc. You still have to use some actual
skill to win even with all that good armour and weaponry so it is not
true god-moding.

On 11/12/10, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Cool; I wasn't aware it restarted. I just thought it teleported you there.
> By the way what is "God mode"? I saw nothing in the cheats about that.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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