Hi Dark,

Smile. Too be quite honest that is a problem everywhere. There is some
stereotype that somehow having a visual disability also comes with a
lack of brains which is totally untrue.

You all have heard my story, my common complaint, of going to dinner
with my wife and the waitress asking my wife what I want to eat. If
sighted people don't have the common sense to ask a blind person
directly what he/she wants to eat as a normal human being with a brain
then how can we ask companies to produce games when doubtless they
suffer the same stereotypes and ignorance too. I think NFB, ACB, AFB,
etc have failed us in this regard is they haven't seamed to effect the
common perception that we are inteligent people with lives just like
anyone else. Why do we have to be short changed and treated like we
have a mental disfunction as well as a visual one?

As far as age goes I know a number of people aunts, uncles, friends,
in their late 50's and early 60's that love playing PC games, or at
least some of them anyway.  The thing is a lot of them need glasses or
contacts and although right now their visual problems can be corrected
their is going to be a day where they can and will probably need
something like Windows Narrator  or Windows Magnifier to read e-mail
etc as they won't be able to see the fonts to well etc. That will
likely effect their ability to play games too, and companies won't
bother until they begin seeing proffits falling do to lakc of interest
in access issues. That's the cold hard facts of the matter.

On 11/30/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Yes that is true ellena, I was over exaggerating just a bit and so was
> inaccurate.
> Actually I found the truth of this just yesterday when, while playing core
> exiles I ran into a lady in her 60's flying around in her ship with the best
> of them.
> Of course now, if she developes some sort of eye problem and is forced to
> use a screen reader, she will find Ce quite playable, however this obviously
> isn't the case for the vast majority of games.
> I think I tend to lose site of this sinse whenever I'd tried to do
> accessible games promotion over here with any of the central charities like
> the royal national insttitute for the blind, I get the response that %75 of
> blind people are over 60 and thus gaming is "a minority interest" and
> therefore not worth people's time.
> This is however quite typical of said charities anyway, who seem to
> basically believe anything which they don't personally set up themselves
> isn't worth their time! they are also rather stuck in the mold of thinking
> anyone with a visual imparement also suffers from a distinct lack of brain!
> Stil, I think as with most cases none of the various large companies will
> actually start taking notice until it affects their prophit margin.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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