The hereing thing has a biological answer.

A nerv is like a light switch. it's either on or off, it can't be any stronger than it is.

That being said if you pay attention to one particular sense you'll gain more info from it anyway, for instance I regularly had arguements in aesthetics (philosophy of art and sensation), about whether a sense of smell could represent an object or not.

Most people argued that a sense of smell was only an incidental extra sense and not actually any use in discerning subtle qualities of objects.

I disagreed muchly, being as smell is yet another thing I use frequently in navigation along with hereing, touch, and my remaining vision. There is for instance one road in Durham which I'm able to find because of the Sub way on the corner, and I can always find my bank because the shop next to it is a news agent and grossers and I can thus smell paper etc.

Beware the Grue!


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