I've actually been considdering this issue as part of my phd.

I think to some extent it's due simply to people not recognizing that those with a visual imparement are, as you said yourself, people with their own lives. A few months ago, a new member of my light opera group was absolutely stunned because I contributed to a communal joke, and after that his atitude to me completely changed. You could almost here the gears click into place as he moved me from "weerd unknown blind man" catagory to "usual reasonable chap" catagory.

These days I tend to actually ask people to think about things.

If I'm out with a friend and get the "what does he want?" type response, I tend to ask why my friend would be likely to know, or answer myself. Usually though, sinse I'm actually the person who ends up talking to weighters etc this doesn't come up sinse they have no choice but to deal with me.

It rather reminds me of a friend of mine who has a mental illness who repeatedly tells people "I'm crazy! ----- not stupid"

Also though, there are indeed blind people who really don't help this idea by the way they interact with others.

For instance in one book I read, a sociologist, who's husband was blind,decided to pose as a blind person, ie mock guide dog harnice her dog and wear dark glasses and wander about with her husband.

The thing that shocked me though, was her atitude sinse she took no account of other's reactions or make any effort to behave reasonably.

On one occasion for instance she related an episode where she and her husband went into a large electronics shop, walked past the busy counter to an unoccupied one further in, waited to be served, simply demanded what they wanted without a hello or by your leave, and then complained the sales assistant was unreasonable.

There was no hello, no attempt to be personable, and above all, no recognition that they were asking the assistant to perform a service for them which would not usually be part of his job.

They simply expected him to function as a utility then complained when he didn't.

Yes, he "should!" help them access the stor contents, ----- but there was no attempt to treat him as a human being while doing so.

In an ideal world, all packits in shops would be braille labled, but as it is it's necessary to interact with others, and such interactions must! at least involve social graces otherwise disabled people are just selfishly demanding things.

To bring this back to access, I do wonder if the suing of sony fell into this catagory.

Beware the Grue!


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