Hi Dark,

Yeah, I agree. I'm not exactly a sue crazy idiot either. In fact, I've
thought several high profile cases here in the USA were just down
right stupid such as the case where the woman sued McDonald's for a
million bucks after she put her hot coffee between her legs and burned
herself down their. Its like, "Hello! How stupid can you be?"

Cases like that really prove what pinheads people can be, and that
lawyers will sue for anything regardless how stupid the case. However,
with the person who sued Sony he had good reason to sue, but had no
real idea how to get what he was asking for. At least if I were suing
them I have the technical skills to explain how certain access issues
can be overcome, and give them clear direction.  So in this case I
have something to offer them in return if they are willing to listen.

As for the bloggers I know the type you speak of. Loud mouthed idiots
that don't know their rear from a hole in the ground. They just like
shooting off their mouths to have something to say. The posters who
commented on the Game Spot article mentioned seamed to me to be
immature pinheads that were concerned that Sony would charge more for
their games, take longer to create games, etc if they were forced into
providing accessibility too.Plus they thought it was unnecessary,
because blind people aren't suppose to have a brain or be able to do
anything for ourselves anyway.  That was the general jist of it, and
it is clear that those kind of people don't have a brain themselves.
Most people who do have a brain are least willing to listen to our
side of things, and will make changes once they are made aware of the
issue or issues involved.


On 11/30/10, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Hi Tom.
> I generally don't like the hole suing culture that has grown up recently, in
> fact there have recently been several comments from the house of lords over
> here demanding some changes in law to get rid of the "if there's blame
> there's a claime" mentality (with my brother being a criminal lawyer, I do
> tend to here about such things).
> All that being said, I very much take your point, however the case of the
> blind chap suing sony has set a rather nasty pressident.
> In fact I personally didn't much like this hole case, sinse the chap involve
> had no ideas about what would be necessary to make existing games accessible
> and simply demanded they "should be" which really won't get anyone anywhere.
> Your idea of audio marrio and then taking nintendo to court when they
> complain seems much more logical, sinse it would only involve use of names
> and/or sounds from games, rather than demanding an actual change in law.
> However I do shudder to think of those legal costs.
> as regards blog comments etc, I'd ignore them, simply because the people who
> tend to write comments on blogs in such ways are usually loud mouthed idiots
> with nothing better to do.
> After talking to indi gamers and developers for quite a long time, I can say
> the aatitude of the majority of people who actually have the ability to
> think seems far less negative.
> Beware the Grue!
> Dark.

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