HI Cara,

That's actually one reason I'm still in favor of the array method
we've been talking about as I find it very easy to blow punch holes in
walls, doors, and still leave part of the structure standing. For
example, in Mysteries of the Sith, the SW game I'm working on, if Mara
uses a thermal detonator or rail charge near a wall, door, etc I can
calculate a blast radious for the device and simply erace all the
elements with in that radious seting them to 0 or air if you want to
call it that.That effectively makes a large hole that is not only easy
to find, but easy to make too.

For example, on level 7 in Ka'pa the Huts palace on Tatooine Mara has
to return a stolen item to Ka'pa the Hut, but you can't get into his
audience chamber because his guards won't let you in. One way to reach
the audience chamber is to enter the room above his thrown, whatever
you call that thing he is laying on, set some explosives, and force
run out of the way. It will blow a big hole in the ceiling of the
audience chamber allowing you to safety ddrop through the hole into
the room below and thus finish that level.

Obviously, to accurately recreate this part of the game I'm going to
have to figure out a way to make a sizable whole without trying to
calculate where and when the player will touch the floor. For me, at
any rate, using an array like I have been doing is the easiest
approach. Simply calculate the blast radious and find out if a certen
element is in the radious and set it to 0 effectively destroying
whatever is there.


On 12/8/10, Cara Quinn <caraqu...@draconisentertainment.com> wrote:
> Rynhardt;
> That's actually a way I was thinking of, myself, to accomplish this. I
> personally haven't been working with destructible maps, but it's something
> that I really want to do. -And had just been toying with the idea of doing
> exactly what you just suggested.
> I.E. place an object in an area of a wall which would create an opening
> there, like a door or such. In essence, the type of collision detection
> you'd then do on that new special object, would in effect, be a negative
> collision detection. -Know what I mean? If your player is then completely
> touching the object, or in other words, passing through it, then the player
> would be allowed to pass into the next room or area of the map. -Does this
> make sense?…
> Another alternative, would be if you're using an array of integers to
> represent a map, like we've been discussing, you could then simply set all
> the points in a particular radius to a value representing air.
> These are the ways I'd consider doing this at present… Hope this helps…
> Smiles,
> Cara :)

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