Hi Cara,

Couldn't agree with you more. The mouse is so much smoother, graceful,
and precise in real time simulations that I find it hard to believe
that many VI gamers outright refuse to try one let alone except the
fact keyboards are just not that good as a gaming device when it comes
to this type of game. There are times when a different and more
specific gaming device becomes an important part of a gamers

For example, a couple of years ago I got Rail Racer from Blind
Adrenaline. Now, anyone who has played that game knows trying to get
good lap times etc with a keyboard is next to impossible. You just
can't take the turns quite right or lean properly because the keyboard
is to slow and clunky to put a not too fine point on it. However, not
long after I got RR I got a USB Logitec racing wheel. The minute I
hooked that baby up, started RR, I shaved 5 seconds off my lap times
just in the first try. After a little practice I shaved more than two
seconds off that lap time etc. The fact was that a racing wheel ggave
me more control over the racer and could do precision turns and lean
properly in that particular game. Therefore the racing wheel became a
necessary investment in order to improve my over all performance with
the game.Had Che followed the advice or complaints of the
anti-joystick and anti-mouse group the game wouldn't been half as
challenging or enjoyable because I'd have to contend with a clunky
input device that simply can not and will not give precision turns and
leans like that.

Once again, we are facing just that kind of fundimental issue. I don't
know if it is the fact many blind gamers are afraid of using a mouse
or joystick because of possible access issues, or they just don't like
the idea of spending money to obtain a new input device. Perhaps it
could be a combonation of both. Whatever the reason they need to
realise their stubern resistance to change is holding them and us as a
group back from experiencing more complex gaming and more natural
human interfaces that translate real world concepts like sword
fighting into practical and realistic gaming moves.


On 12/11/10, Cara Quinn <caraqu...@draconisentertainment.com> wrote:
> Thomas; I whole-heartedly agree! -Not only has mouse support been the first
> input method I've set up for the current Draco projects, but when developing
> Jedi Quake, I'd incorporated improved accessible mouse support to the latest
> couple of JQ releases to not only help people break out of the keyboard-only
> blind access thing but also just because I personally really like smooth,
> graceful motion.
> Using a keyboard to control a realtime simulation is just so herky-jerky and
> coarse. If people can just stop fearing the mouse and learn to work with it,
> it can be a really comfortable and fast way to game.
> Incidentally, this is exactly the same sort of complaining and arguing
> people were getting into, a couple of years ago when many were fighting the
> idea of the iPhone / touch screens on phones both for access and gaming
> alike. Like the touch screen, at least for the visually impaired market, the
> mouse is still essentially almost an untapped resource. I.E. It will just
> take some creative coders to incorporate it nicely into game designs so that
> VI people realize that it's cool and viable and everything will change, just
> like it has / is doing, with the iDevices and touch screens in general.
> We're only limited by our own imaginations! :)
> If we can conceive it it can happen! So if we want new / innovative gaming /
> VR experiences, then we need to bring new and innovative mindsets to them.
> the experiences will then be new and innovative!… :)
> Have a great evening / weekend All and chat witcha on the flip!…
> Smiles,
> Cara :)

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