Hi Tom.

This is my point. i'm afraid I don't see the need to have a mouse in a agme like mota unless it's specifically controlling a weapon with that sort of output, where as rail racer you get distinct advantage from the more analogue control of the vehicle.

this is what I mean. I really don't see what using a mouse would add to a bog standard game with actions like walk left, walk right shoot etc, to me in fact, it would be adding an extra layer of complexity, sinse I am most used to using the keyboard. However, an analogue control, such as a light saber, or using the mouse in a 3d game to targit a weapon precisely while you moved your char with the arrow keys, thus meaning fluid moving and shooting, ---- that to me would! be a bennifit of using a mouse and deffinately add something to a game.

Btw, my absolute preferd in put device is a good, hefty fighting game style joystick in the style of late 80's and early 90's arcade games like streetfighter 2 or mortal combat.

i stil have a fantastic capcom arcade stick for my snes and mega drive, which work amazingly well to say they're nearly 20 years old. For my gamecube (and gba player), i have an X arcade stick, which is literally what would happen if you got the top of an arcade cabinet and sliced it off.

Playing original final fight on my big stick with my 36 inch monitor is awsome!

The x arcade stick also has a usb in put, ---- I really7 ought to try it in my pc at some stage.

As a random fact, i hate joypads, sinse I always want to use more fingers for the majority of the buttons than just my thumb (I never really got that design point), that's why when a big stick isn't available, i prefer keyboard, sinse I can use many fingers together smoothly even whe multiple keys are needed for different actions.

Beware the grue!


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