Hi Thomas,

I know that you and I have a totally different method of programming etc.  You 
know like I like to program in the VB6 IDE.  So I do not use Note Pad or any 
other text editor for writing my code.  I write it in the VB6 IDE and then test 
run it right off.  And I use HJ Pad for writing EEmail because it has a spell 
checker.  But I can see that the editor programs that you mentioned would 
definitely have advantages if you needed to know indents etc for your 
programming code.  The only thing is, I definitely need a spell checker for 
Email, but I have found them to be totally impractical for programming even 
inVB6 because of the in aimed variable names, VB6 commands etc.  And I find 
that having the VB6 IDE open and then some old code open in Note Pad to copy 
and paste bits of code works very well for me.  But again VB6 doesn't demand 
special indents etc.  I imagine that a spell checker would have even more 
problems with all of the special syntax etc of programming languages that have 
so much special punctuation etc rather than English words like VB6 has.

I very much miss that, in dos Jaws had a feature where it would report row and 
column.  I could then be confident that the text that I was putting on the 
screen was formatted correctly and all lined up nicely.  But in windows rows 
and columns are all relevant because the window can open anywhere on the screen 
with any number of other windows open, and thus all of the spacing is relevant. 
 So I am not confident with putting text on the screen in windows.  Well other 
than the MSG and Input boxes that VB6 offers.

So, to rap up, I do not find a need for the elaborate text editor programs that 
you recommend, but I find it works for me to program right in the VB6 IDE.  But 
if I were to be writing code in a text editor for other programming languages, 
I bet that I would find a need for the options in the text editor programs that 
you are talking about and recommending.



I like Visual Basic 6.0 because I can not C.

(440) 286-6920
Chardon Ohio USA
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