Hi Damien,

Well, that's fine, but my over allpoint was that Notepad, while
functional for programming, isn't always the best option you have. It
is rather limited compared to several other text editors I've used.
There are plenty of things about Notepad I personally dislike.

For example, if you want to view multiple documents you have to open
them all up in several different windows. If you have a couple of docs
open that's not too bad. However, I've had as many as five docs open
at once, comparing code, etc  and it can be hard to jump between those
docs easily using Notepad. However, in a text editor with a multiple
document viewer it is as easy as doing alt+w and pressing the number
of the document I want to view. That is much easier than trying to
alt+tab around until the correct document window is brought to the
foreground. See how that could be an advantage to a programmer?

Another key feature Notepad lacks is a status bar. In most editors
like Visual C++, MS Word, you can check the status line to get the
page number, line number, etc. Again Notepad completely lacks this
feature, and I happen to be someone who likes to use the status bar
when its available in an application.

One issue that is very important to me personally is the ability to
handle multiple text formats. As you may or may not know Mac OS and
Linux use a different text format from Windows. This becomes
problematic when trying to import and export text documents to and
from Windows. An editor like Ultraedit has such a feature built in.
Notepad, as usual, only supports native Windows text documents.

Bottom line, if you are happy with Notepad use it. However, it is
rather limited in what it can do compared to Ultraedit and other
editors. Since Notepad doesn't always have features I expect to find
in an editor, features I often use/need, I can't in good faith
recommend it for day to day programming personally. Not when I know
there are free editors that have several more features and
functionality. If you don't personally like spell checkers that's
fine, but just remember that there are plenty of us who do use them.
For that reason it is a good idea to make people aware there are other
text editors out there with this functionality in case they may want
or need it.


On 1/14/11, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> In all fairness I have had no trouble at all with Notepad - I even used that
> as opposed to the IDE when I used to use VB. I use it for my installers, my
> BGT scripts, my Jaws scripts and everything else I code with.
> There is actually a go to feature in Notepad, you just have to have wordwrap
> turned off. Editing multiple files I find easier to have multiple windows
> open.
> As far as spellcheckers are concerned, I have a lot against them, but that's
> another topic entirely.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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