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I've recently received my Logitech Rumble F510, which is the wired cousin to the F710. For owners of the Logitech Rumblepad II, the F510 resembles that model in many respects, except that the mounting apertures for the two analog axis's are circular, whereas the Rumblepad II's sockets are squared. Buttons 9 and 10 also double as analog triggers (see below). The F510 also has a new central button, which I assume functions as the Xbox 360 Guide button. Below is a description of the device:

The Rumble F510 resembles the Playstation controller, in that it's a gamepad with two grips that fill a person's palms as he/she is holding the controller. The top of the device is divided into three sections: On the left of the device is the digital directional cross. This cross is a floating design, in that the directional arrows are set on a disc which is floating atop the actual buttons corresponding to each compass point, rather than being inset into the surface of the device. The center of the device has five buttons, plus the two analog axis's which themselves may be buttons. In Direct Input mode (see below), the top left button in this section is button 9, and the top right button is button 10. In X-input mode, the top left button is Button 7, while the top right button is Button 8. The bottom left button turns the analog axis's on or off, while the bottom right button turns the vibration feature on/off. In Direct Input mode, the center button performs no function, and I'm not sure what it does in X-Input mode. Below this central group of buttons are the two analog axis's. In Direct Input mode, the left axis functions as button 11 when depressed, while the right functions as Button 12. In X-Input mode, the analog sticks become Buttons 9 and 10, respectively. On the right of the controller is a diamond-shaped arrangement of four buttons. In direct Input mode, the buttons are as follows: West: Button 1, South: Button 2, East: Button 3, North: Button 4. In X-Input mode, the layout is as follows: South: Button 1, East: Button 2, West: Button 3, North: Button 4. On the shoulder of the device (where one places his/her index fingers), there are two buttons on the top and two dual-purpose buttons/analog triggers on the bottom. In Direct Input mode, the top left button is Button 5 and the top right button is Button 6. The two bottom triggers function as digital buttons, becoming Button 7 for the bottom left trigger, and Button 8 for the bottom right. In X-Input mode, the top left button is Button 5, and the top right button is Button 6. The triggers function as analog triggers in X-Input mode, allowing them to function as accelerators and such in games which support them. On the bottom of the device is a switch that toggles the device between X-input or Direct Input mode. Assuming one holds the controller in his/her hands and moves the switch without turning the device over, X-Input mode is on the right, while direct Input mode is on the left. Mine shipped defaulted to X-Input mode, yours may not.

In case your version of windows doesn't have the X-Input drivers for one reason or another, I've included links to them below:

Windows XP, vista, and 7 (32-bit):
Windows Vista and 7 (64-bit):


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