Hi all,

I have been opposed to adding screen reader support into BGT since the very 
beginning, though I am beginning to change my mind. The primary reason for my 
not wanting to do it has been the fact that Jaws steals a large number of keys 
from DirectInput, making it very hard to play games if Jaws is loaded and not 
in sleep mode. However, I have just managed to solve this problem.

Jaws uses what is known as a low level, system wide keyboard hook which 
basically monitors the state of the keyboard device and decides whether input 
should be allowed through so that other applications can see it. Jaws, as we 
all know, decides that a lot of keys should not be let through such as the 
arrows, escape and a whole bunch of others. So what I have done is to set up a 
low level keyboard hook of my own, though a process specific hook rather than a 
global one. Why? Because process specific hooks always take priority over 
global ones, which means that I can simply tell my keyboard hook to allow 
everything through... And there you have it. Jaws and DirectInput are now the 
best of friends.

I am going to enable this as an option in BGT, because even though I tell 
everything to go straight through it does block certain Jaws specific 
keystrokes from being processed while you are in the window, almost as though 
Jaws had been in sleep mode though it technically is not. In other words, this 
will enable me to add support for Jaws speech output while preventing Jaws from 
messing about with the keyboard input.

Just some information I figured I would share with you.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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