Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of weeks or so there has been ample discussion of
various audio game creation tools such as BGT, Ken recently mentioned
the GMA Engine and Audio Game Maker, and one issue that keeps coming
up is that there are a few people interested in creating games but
they don't want to learn how to program or script the games from
scratch. In other words what I think some people want is a tool
similar too Audio Game Maker where you essentually have an empty form
and you can drag and drop various objects such as enemies, walls,
doors, and special items onto the form and create games through some
automated method. While this is obviously somewhat limited compared to
BGT this type of game creation tool would be much easier to use for
some people.

All of this brings me back to AGM, and what it was intended to do. In
concept the Audio Game Maker is a decent idea. The problem with AGM
was is that it was poorly documented, it was never fully completed,
had various bugs, and the developers abandoned it as soon as it was
released. This of course didn't make AGM a very good tool for game
development, but it was a nice idea in concept. Which brings me to my

I've been thinking for quite some time of creating such a game
development tool. Since I have written my own game engine, Genesis 3D,
I could build a user interface similar to AGM where you essentually
drag and drop various objects onto a form, select a menu key, and set
properties on that object. In a way it would be similar to development
tools like Microsoft's Visual Basic or Visual C# where you bring up a
toolbox, select an object from a menu, and drop the object on your
form. Then, you would access the object's properties menu, set
properties, and that's all you have to really do. No scripting or
programming involved.

Of course, in order to create such a time consuming project I'd like
to create it as a comercial product. By releasing it as a comercial
product it would have lots of end user documentation, technical
support, upgrades, and hopefully be what AGM was not. However, before
I really take something like this too seriously I'd like to know if
anyone is really interested in such a game creation tool or if it is
just talk. If so i'd be interested to hear your thoughts.


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