Hi Ken,

That's precisely why I have created G3D as a managed library. I
realize that languages like C++ or even Angelscript isn't for
everybody. Two years ago when I started writing the Genesis Engine,
before BGT came along, there was some interest in VB .net. I myself
was using C# .net at the time. I realized thanks to .net I could write
an engine, compile it as a dll, and simply plug it into Visual C++,
Visual C#, Visual Basic, or Visual J and have access to a game engine
using whatever language I desired to use. The sky is the limit.

While I appreciate BGT, think it is a great game engine, you only have
Angelscript to use and for someone using Visual Basic that can be a
big transition. Genesis 3D, on the other hand, allows you to use any
existing programming skills and use them provided the language is
compatible with the library. So I wrote the current version as a
managed .net library in C++.

The other reason I rote G3D the way I did is I like C# .net. I have
Windows 7 so I already have .net 4.0 preinstalled with the OS.
However, I don't want to install a bunch of extra packages like SlimDX
just to access DirectX and so on. No problem G3D wraps DirectX, Sapi,
etc giving me immediate access to Windows C++ game libraries without
any middleware other than g3d.dll.  If I wanted to I could write a
managed .net wrapper for OpenAL and use that other than DirectSound or
XAudio2. It is as you say the best of both worlds.

On 2/1/11, Ken the Crazy <kenwdow...@neo.rr.com> wrote:

> Tom,
> If G3d works as dll file, and could be used with VB.net, I think it could be
> very competitive as a game-making engine.  (I guess like I said on the list
> earlier, I'm a die-hard VB fan, but it's what I know.)  I'm not saying I
> won't try BGT, but C style languages really aren't my cup of C--I mean tea.
> Maybe it's just a have to get used to thing, maybe it's just that I've
> worked with quake C.  I won't say I wouldn't use BGT, but the G3d engine
> sounds awesome--the best of both worlds as it were.  You have the tool to
> help you, yet you get to program in your favorite language.
> Resistant to learning a new language--does this mean I'm getting old?
> NAH!
> Ken Downey
> President
> DreamTechInteractive!
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> Blind Comfort!
> The pleasant way to experience massage!
> It's the Caring
> without the Staring!

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