Actually yohandi, I've been playing mainstream games for years, far longer than I have accessible ones.

However, sinse I access these through a combination of senses including my remaining vision, and sinse I stil play games like Turrican and rocks n diamonds which are not accessible to totally blind people, I deliberately do not discuss such things on this list unless I'm making a comment with respect to audio games.

Also, you should be aware that the last console I bought was a gamecube mostly for the gameboy advanced player compatibility. There just aren't enough games available on say ps3 which I would find accessible to make it worth paying the cash for a console.

In fact the only console I've been most interested in recently is the Wii, and that mostly for wii virtual consoles games like Mega man 9 and 10, however sinse I have not yet found a workable way by which I, living completely alone as I do without sited assistance could handle the wii Menues I don't have one.

Also I will say, a game like Mortal kombat doesn't hold interest for me if only the arcade mode is accessible, I'd personally just miss the story mode (one reason I don't have any mk games later than deadly alliance).

Lastly, there is the visual issue. The amount of games I could play rapidly dropped at the release of the ps1, simply because that was when for instance platformers got 3D, and even when such games have good enough contrast for my vision to handle, I cannot cope with the spacial relations, ---- accepting 3d 1 on 1 beat em ups like soul calibur.

For rockband style games like guitar hero, rockband etc, I simply cannot see the on screen symbols as they are too small, (the only game of that sort I've had any success with was vib ribbon on the playstation 1).

While it would probably be possible for me to play these through trial, error and sound with huge amounts of patience the way you do, ---- why should I do that when i can sit down to something more complex and to me, far more interesting like a new level pack of Turrican levels, or even something in audio like Entombed.

While there are some mainstream games I really regret not being able to play, particularly the big rpgs, to be absolutely frank the music based ones like rockband aren't really among them, ----- afterall, I spend considderable amounts of time doing very real! performing and music based stuff anyway through my fairly serious interest in singing and light opera (which can be far more challenging to learn and perform, and yet more rewarding than any game).

Hope this explains my position on the subject, and why I personally don't take any interest in topics about mainstream games on this list.

Beware the grue!


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