It's interesting the 100 plus messages on this topic. Even though I'm totally blind, I'm not turned off by the idea of playing a mainstream game. It's not a given that a blind person can't fully enjoy a game designed for the sighted. Throwing out the examples of console games, let's take a simple game like, oh, umm, Bop-It. Whether you get this game as an app in your iPhone or iPod Touch, or whether you have the hand-held version, no where does it specifically say that's it's specifically for blind people. So those of you who say you don't like to be reminded about what you have lost or what you don't have, does that mean you wouldn't enjoy Bop-It just because it's not called Bop-It for the Blind?

Another example is Dominos. Again, the same question applies. There are many different Domino games one can play, and again, it's not called Dominos for the Blind. How about Connect 4? Checkers? Chess? Poker? 5000 plus more card games? None of those are specifically for the blind.

Bottom line, and yes, I know this is just an opinion, and like bodily orifices, everyone has one, is that games are games. Pure and simple, nothing more, nothing less. If the game is playable by me personally, whether I have to modify it a little or memorize a sequence of things to do, then I'll play it.

Many thanks.
Raul A. Gallegos

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