Hi Ibrahim,

Well, I've certainly changed my mind since the last time I wrote the
list. I've been playing around with Inform 7 and I really like the
changes in the language since I messed around with inform a few years
back. I also am taking a look at Adrift 4.0.51 and compared to the 3.9
era of the generator the new 4.0 generator is quite a bit more
flexable and advanced. For quick text adventures Adrift is certainly
able to slap together some pretty involving games fairly quickly.
Although, I think Inform is superior to Adrift in a few regards. A,
there are cross-platform Inform development tools for Inform while
Adrift is primarily Windows based, and B, while Adrifts generator is
fairly functional there are still some advantages to coding games by
hand. All the same I'm pretty impressed so far.

For example, a game I'm thinking of making is a game about Vietnam
similar to the Missing in Action movies where this U.S. Navey seal
dude goes in to rescue downed prisoners of war. I used Adrift to draw
the landing area a large sandy stretch of beach, and was able to add a
looping sound of water crashing on the shore. Which I have to say was
pretty authentic ambience here for a text adventure. As soon as I
moved into the jungle I got into a combat situation with a North
Vietnamese sniper. It was pretty cool not only writing that but by
being able to add authentic M-16 and AK-47 rifle shots to the combat.
Plus not to put too much of a fine point on it I took my game I
created with the Adrift Generator, copied it over to Linux and played
it without fail using Scare. So I think once I purchase something like
Adrift or figure out Inform 7 a little better I'll probably stick with
a triditional adventure system after all. I'm fairly impressed with
what I could do after reading through the manual once through and how
I could slap together a basic game in like two or three hours of
coding. I realise with a months worth of time I could create some
potentially awesome text adventures that would be both accessible and
worth hours of game play.

As for usanet news groups I'm out of luck there. My ISP, Roadrunner,
does not offer usanet news service, nor do I know how to locate a free
usanet news service. Oh, I could probably get it going under Linux,
but I don't have a dedicated Linux machine right now to act as a news
server/mail server/source code repository etc. Too bad because I'd
love to have my usanet news back.


On 2/19/11, Ibrahim Gucukoglu <ibrahim_gucuko...@sent.com> wrote:
> Hi Thomas.
> Well, I'm still convinced that one of the many text adventure development
> platforms already in existence is more than capable of handling what you
> want, but as I'm not a programmer and can only speak from a players
> perspective, you might want to get on the usenet bandwagon as there are a
> couple of newsgroups dedicated to players and producers alike, these being
> rec.games.int-fiction and rec.arts.int-fiction.  There, many of some of the
> finest minds in the IF world gather to discuss development teqniques so you
> will find yourself in confident and capable hands should you ever need
> advice.
> All the best, Ibrahim.

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