On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 06:34:32PM +0100, Sarah Haake wrote:
> Now I'd like to get some advice from you on which console would be
> the best choice and which games should I try for it?

[My Reply:]
        Hi Sarah,

        While I may not be entirely up on the games available, the X-Box 
will be the one most likely to break down.  The electronics are shoddy 
inside and tend to burn out quickly, and the software to crash, as 
Microsoft only wants your repeat business.  If it can get you to replace 
your console every year, they'll be in hog heaven.

        The Playstation will last the longest of the two, has more 
options come standard, and uses a normal DVD format on it's disks, where 
the X-Box uses an entirely different one.  My Playstation One is still 
going strong, since it was purchased in the 90's, though the laser head 
could probably use a good cleaning by now.  The controllers last a long 
time, as long as you don't throw them at the TV, otherwise they tend to 
break pretty easy when jumping up and down on them.

        I dunno zilch about the Nintendo stuff, so take your chances 
there.  Nintendo tends to offer more games for pre-teens, so if you like 
Barney the Purple Dinosaur stuff, Nintendo's the way to go.  Personally, 
I think many of their titles are so juvenile that they're mind-numbingly 

        If it were me, I'd go for a Playstation 3, as it's backwards 
compatible with the Playstation 2 and 1 games piling up in the used game 
stores. If there's a fighter game out there, odds are that it's been 
released for the Playstation..  Since fighters and RPGs are the only 
real game types that interest me, and 3rd person shooters like Tomb 
Raider are no longer playable, I can't offer you much info on software.  

        Someone here said Final Fantasy 13 was pretty accessible, 
though, and Square is one of the best game designers around.  Love that 
Final Fantasy series of RPGs.  I must have replayed Final Fantasy 7 
fifteen tines, and want to play it again.  When a game is so engrossing 
that you actually cry when a character gets killed, and then go on a 
rampage to kill their murderer, you have to admit that the game is well 
above the average.  I'm hoping Final Fantasy 13 is another good one.


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