Hi Nicol.

What you're basically saying here, to me, is that people should only consider Jehova witnesses when making games. You and only you. Calling others without love for goodness because they create games with violence and supernatural aspects to them is very, very judgmental. Just because one small bunch of people does not like arcade games that have violence and shooting, you guys are allowed to call people who make games like that basically heartless.

Video games have always had some degree of violence to them. Mario brothers is a good example of... uh, supernatural, I think. Sure the violence is cartoonish, but violence is violence. So your logic is very, very flawed.

I am a Christian. I am not the type to preach constantly, but I point you to the verse in the bible that says "judge not, lest ye be judged." That's a verse that always rang true for me, but there are times when I judge, despite that. And now is one of them. I think certain Christian groups need to wake up and realize that the world does not, and will not, bend to your ways. Simply because you believe that violent games are a form of delving into the things of Satan does not mean everyone else believes it. People don't play violent games because they love violence. I play Street Fighter for the work it does for my brain, the competition when I play with friends, and to build skills of keeping track of things as well as reflexes. That is the same reason I love Shades of Doom, Blast Chamber's shooting aspects, and Mota. Tom has done a more than exellent job with Mota... and it saddens me to see it put down, simply because it does not agree with someone's spiritual beliefs.

Although I am a Christian, I feel the need to say that there are way too many Christians in this world who think all too highly of themselves. The majority of us tend to think that the world should all believe in God, and do anything to enforce that view. Christians have always preached for peace and no violence... yet what happened during the crusades? People need to realize that it's the majority in the world that decides things, and unfortunately, there's other religions in the world... not just Christianity! Shocker, eh?

I don't like to talk about these things much... I'd rather save my energy for something else more productive. There's more that I could say, but I think I've pointed out most of what has to be pointed out. Am I a believer in God? Yes. Do I believe 100% of everything I hear from the bible? Not always. Why? Because there are many, many contradictory things in there and frankly, following the basic morals of peace and love in the bible are enough for me. I sing and play Christian worship music, I have Christian friends and I pray on a daily basis. But I would not go so far as to put down a developer or anyone else who did something they felt satisfied their target audience, no matter what my beliefs.

I'll probably come back and say more later. But Nicol, I am going to leave you and all other christians who might have the same view on this list with a question. And I urge you to be careful how you answer this one.

I am currently starting to practice a martial art. It is an art known as Iaido, and consists of sword techniques used to dispatch an opponent at the same time you draw the sword, flicking the blood off the blade and resheathing. I have been going at it for 2 months, and the fact that it's an art that was once used as a method of killing does not bother me in the least. Does that make me in any way evil or unloving? Especially since the philosophy behind the art is never using it unless you have to, and the teachings of the art are centered around doing things with full commitment, treating others equally and acting with honor? Answer that question for me, if you will. Just something to think about. Anyone else is welcome to ask questions about the art... though as that is somewhat off-topic, if you are curious, please email offlist.


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