Hi Nicol,

Nicol wrote:

Martial arts  is violence and we are taught, everything connected to
violence is wrong because god hates violence; as simple as that.

My reply:

Nicol, you are welcome to believe whatever you want, but I can assure
you what you have been taught is false. Not only is it false it is
quite clear the people filling you up with such doctrinal material
hasn't even read their bible, or at the very least selectively skipped
parts they found upsets their sensabilities. The old testament and the
new testament is filled with violence and bloodshed. Some of it
ordered by God himself.

How about Moses and the Exidus? Do you think the Angel of the Lord
killing all of the first born of Egypt was not violent? How about God
parting the red sea, and as soon as Moses and the Israelites safely
crossed he let the waters return drowning the Egyptian army? When the
children of Israel made themselves a golden calf to worship God
ordered Moses to go down and to put to death those who had started the
idol worship? You think these things aren't violent?

How about Joshua? After Moses died Joshua was appointed to replace
Moses and to lead the children of Israel into the promised land. God
instructed Joshua to kill every man, woman, child, and beast so that
they would not have to deal with them later. As I recall the exact
quote was to, "kill everything that moves." That was an order from God
himself. Does this sound to you like God hates violence when it is

In the new testament when Jesus enters the temple what does he do? He
sees several of the preasts selling sacroficial animals, and he
becomes angry. The scriptures tell us he whips the preasts, over turns
the tables of the money changers, and litterally throws them out of
the temple.  I don't suppose your ministers have ever read that part
because it happened, and is mentioned in all of the gosples. Yet they
are willing to say Jesus never resorted to violence?

Well, here is one more bit of evidence God does use violence. In the
book of Revelation there is a rather detailed story in Revelation 19
about Christ returning on a white horse with his angels to do what, do
battle, with Satan and his followers. What do you suppose doing battle
means? Giving out hugs and kisses? Perhaps a violent struggle to free
the earth from Satan?

My point of this message is to spell things out clearly so that you
can at least see this from both sides of the argument. The bible is
full of violence and God says himself, "vengence is mine sayeth the
Lord."  He is a God of compassion, love, and mercy, but he is also a
god of vengence and violence when and if it becomes necessary. King
Solomon himself put it best when he said, "there is a time for peace,
and a time for war." In my opinion it is knowing the diference that

Think about it. If you are walking along a street and a mugger comes
up to you pulls a gun are you going to stand there and not do anything
about it? Are you going to just let him shoot you through the head?

I would certainly hope not. God gives us the right to defend
ourselves, and the old testament says that we can kill in
self-defence.  Perhaps you haven't been told that, but it is true. We
are allowed under biblical law to defend ourselves and to kill if it
is justified through self-defence. The problem with most christians
here is that they haven't read the scriptures in the original
languages. In the New King James version it says, "thou shall not
kill." That is a translation error. If you read the Hebrew version it
says "you shall do no murder." The diference is that murder, I use
that term instead of kill here, to get the point across it is talking
about premeditated murder.  I.E. killing someone for reasons other
than self-defence. People often don't understand that diference.


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