On Tue, Mar 01, 2011 at 11:22:45PM -0000, Harmony Neil wrote:
> Stupid question, but does anyone know how to get the balls to move around
> the table in this game?

[My Reply:]
        Use the Spacebar or the Enter key.  Pinball games usually use 
one of those, or maybe the cursor down control to simulate pulling back 
a spring-loaded plunger.  The longer you hold the plunger back, the 
harder it strikes the ball when you release it, sending it to the top of 
the machine, where it will then fall down again towards you..  You then 
use paddles to bat it back to the top again, or at specific targets.  
These paddles are generally simulated with the left and right shift or 
control keys, as the Alt key is reserved for opening menus in Windows.

        Imagine your tiny self at the bottom of an inverted milk jug 
with a baseball bat in each hand, trying to keep the milk from spilling 
out, and you get the picture.

        The only problem is that on either side of the jug are channels 
the milk can slip through, around your paddles.  The paddles are also 
about a ball's width apart, and the milk can slip past you, between the 

        The tricky part is trying to hit targets on the left side of the 
jug with the right paddle, and targets on the right side of the jug with 
the left paddle.  Skilled players can flip the milk from one paddle to 
another to perform this, but keeping the milk in the bottle for as long 
as possible is the general goal.  Eventually the ball will hit something 
really point-worthy.  HTH,


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