Hi Damien,

I'm sure you know this is coming, but I absolutely disagree with this.
For one thing it is not practical to include XAudio2 and DirectSound
in the same executable and it is going to become much harder to
support long term since Microsoft has officially dropped support for
DirectSound 8 and earlier. That means support will only remain as long
as the legacy libraries are compatible with the OS. As it is we are
already experiencing problems with DirectSound 8 and Windows 7, and
nobody knows if it will be remotely compatible with the next version
of Windows or not. Given that fact alone it is always a good idea to
adopt the new standards early on so that BGT and all the games written
for it are not only
XP compatible but are forward compatible with
Windows 7 and beyond. It is frankly downright foolish to stick with an
old API and unsupported legacy libraries when there is an easy Windows
XP web installer for the newer DirectX components. I'm frankly sick
and tired of this "if it ain't broke don't fix it" attitude I see on
this list.

Second, there are a number of key benifits to upgrading to XAudio2
rather than sticking with DirectSound besides forward compatibility.
Improved 3d audio, better custom DSP effects, better memory
management, better support for newer sound cards, etc top the list of
improvements and features. Answer me why on earth would you want to
forego these benifits and features just to stick with an out dated
technology like DirectSound

In my opinion there is absolutely nothing, no reason what so ever,
that could convince me that DirectSound is better. If you disagree
with me that's fine, but absolutely do not, I mean do not, hold us
back from XAudio2 because Windows 7 users such as myself absolutely
need it. DirectSound does not work well on Windows 7 at all and it is
high time that developers get off their collective butts and start
providing up to date technical support for the OS or I'm personally
not going to buy a single product from them again. Not now not ever.

On 3/4/11, Damien Pendleton <dam...@x-sight-interactive.net> wrote:
> Hi Louis,
> I don't feel that people should be forced into upgrading.
> I believe there should be a check to see which library will successfully
> open the audio device. Start with XAudio2. If that fails, switch to
> DirectSound. That way, there is no necessity to upgrade, but those who have
> upgraded will still receive the benefits of the new system.
> Regards,
> Damien.

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