"Do you have to make us want to snatch the game off your
computer right now?"

You're tired of hearing so much about that great new game, so you invent technologies that will allow you to enter the person's computer and snatch that new game. Upon entering the computer though, you discover that your plans had been found out, and a confusing labyrinth of twisty little passages that all look alike is laid out before you, with the game tucked away at its center. Furthermore, the game designer wrote special little bugs that, if you get attacked by one, cause all kinds of unpredictable occurrences, such as hard drive reboots, or the posting of your ridiculously low game scores to everyone on your favorite mailing lists, or an infinite loop where you get to do nothing else for all eternity except play Beep. There are also viruses that simply waste your computer's resources by counting to ten over and over, causing your computer to overheat. Fortunately, you've got weapons, and collect more as you go, starting with the virus net and bug swatter. If you get too close to the center, where the game is, the developer, counting on your frustration with the increasing number of pests, provides you with a flame thrower. You use it successfully for a while, but be careful or you'll burn up the game and it's secret installer program. (the dev has the game backed up on a second drive, so he doesn't care.) As you approach the center, new dangers await, and you're zapped by a ray that turns you into a little creature in the physical computer, and you find yourself face to face with the computer's fans, which can chop you up, the high-voltage power supply which can cook you to a crisp, and the hard drive--which won't hurt you, but can be damaged by you if you're not careful. Zap! You're just data again. Plug your virtual cable into the computer's processor and start snatching that game and... Oh no! It's the police--the spyware busters! They've detected unauthorized activity, and they know how to wipe out punks like you, and you don't have any weapons to use on them. You can hurry up the data transfer by hitting enter more rapidly, but you risk burning out the dev's hard drive! What to do... You shoot the spyware programs with every bit of flame you can muster, but they just neutralize it, jeer at you, and keep coming.
Whew!  Transfer complete--now if I could just get out...

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