Hi Lori,

Yes, thank you. Everyone is doing much better. My wife is almost fully
recovered accept for a little bit of a rash she is putting cream on.
My son seams to have beaten the flu, and I'm pretty much over it as
well. We are, all things considered, almost all back to full health.

As for Scansoft Daniel, AKA Real Speak Daniel, I don't recall ever
using that voice in any of my games.  Definitely not Mysteries of the
Ancients. I did use Real Speak Karen, but removed it after various
American gamers complained they couldn't understand the voice do to
the Australian accents. Which makes sense. Which is partly why I
decided to use strictly an American voice.

In my experience voices with U.K. or Australian accents don't seam to
go over well in U.S. markets. Although, both might be speaking English
sometimes Americans have a difficult time understanding the Sapi voice
if it has a thick Scottish or Irish brogue, or has some other accent
that pronounces words differently than American English. For example,
here in the U.S. we say "schedule" with a hard k sound like "skedual."
In other English speaking countries like the U.K., Australia, etc they
say it with a sh sound like "shedule." That's a bit disconcerting if
you are use to, and only use to, the way Americans speak words like
that. So I felt it made sense to use an American only voice by
default. Of course, I could always add language packs with Scansoft
Daniel, Karen, etc anything you like in time.


On 4/1/11, Lori Duncan <lori_dunca...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Thom I'm really sorry you've had such a lot of illness, I hope your wife
> is better now, and I hope you are too.  I think it's great you've come
> through it all and can still be cheerful.  Mota 18 sounds great, and the 3-D
> version sounds really amazing.  I just wondered why you picked Tom for the
> voice, because I remember once the voice was Scansoft Daniel, I thought he
> sounded really good.  Sticking to the same voice is certainlly a good
> time-saver.  Thanks for the update.  Best wishes from Lori.

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