Hi tom.

Having spent the week betwene boxing day and new years day of Christmas prostrated with the flue myself, very irritating sinse I had such a bad sore throat I didn't even want to speak for fear of damaging my voice, so had to resort to a combination of Typing stuff on my laptop and sign language.

Eitherway I actually really sympathize at the moment, and am glad you, Mrs. Ward and your son are now all recovered.

on to games.

Well funnily enough Scansoft Daniel is my default sapi voice for precisely the same reason, and that also counts using winfrotz tts and playing muds as well as games like lone wolf or Jim's.

Daniel is of course Tom's british brother, and in fact to me sounds very bbc news (I did find your description of Tom as a newcaster rather amusing), so I do understand the reasoning here.

in fact my only problem with daniel is it has preset speaking of abbreviations which (unlike with orphius), you can't alter.

So I do have to get used to being told I've selected manuscript sapi as my default voice or that my character has 13 hp 12 mana and two street (for staminer points noted as st on the display).

All this aside I do understand your use of Tom in most games, ---- however there is one title where I would beg to disagree.

Startrek final conflict, sinse Crystal while not actually! the startrek computer voice, does sound similar enough to it imho to actually contribute to the atmosphere of the game.

usually I wouldn't mind a synth voice in games so long as it is a good one and so long as it's just speaking menues and not playing a character, but to me playing stfc, crystal actually seemed to be a character, and made the games' immersion far more complete.

If Switching to Tom for the next version of stfc is a must, ---- fair enough, but if (sinse you already have some startrek voice clips recorded), you might considder keeping Crystal just for the startrek games because of the happy accident of her resembling the computer, --- that would imho be a good thing.

As you know I'll be looking forward to seeing analogue movement finally! make it into an audio game, and I'm a big exploration fan so will be very much looking forward to both mota games.

Also as per my ambience artical, it'll be great to have more music, imho a wonderful way of showing different environments and parts of the underground without having to worry about inserting lots of background details.

Beware the grue!


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