Hi Harmony,

Ahem...I think we all take your point, but the point I was attempting
to make in the message you responded to is that GMA has other
commitments besides the single product you are interested in. Plus I
was also pointing out that GMA is not a dead accessible company simply
because they haven't released anything in the past ten to twelve
months. Writing accessible software takes months of time and energy
and these things don't get written or updated over night.

Now, as to your argument that mud clients absolutely have to be
updated regularly I disagree with you for one very good reason. Just
because a mud changes on the server side doesn't mean you have to run
out and update the software you are using on the client side too. VIP
Mud, or anything else is nothing more than a glorified telnet client
and should work with every mud regardless if it is updated regularly
or not. For instance, I use a Linux mud client called Gnome Mud. It is
free, open source, but it hasn't been updated in a while. To be honest
other than a few bug fixes with Orca etc there is no essential
difference between the last two or three releases of Gnome Mud so I'm
afraid I don't understand or agree with your point. One mud client
seams to be about the same version to the next to me.


On 4/2/11, Harmony Neil <harmon...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Well that's what most of the free client developers do. If not every few
> months, then at least more frequently than they are doing so. This! Is! A!
> Mud! Client! Here! It! Needs! Regularly! And! Constantly! Updating! Get it?
> Muds don't only change every few years, they change and are being updated
> all the time, and so should the clients to use with them.

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