Games we'd Like to play.
by Phil Vlasak

Youth Hunter: Mysteries of the Aging.

You Are Angela Carter, an elderly treasure hunter,
willing to risk everything to recover her long lost youth.
Her mission will not be an easy one, for she has waited so long for her game to be finished. Now she must face many cosmetic procedures, such as Botox treatments from high charging surgeons, Microdermabrasion, and pills from Anti-Aging experts to re-gain her youthful appearance. She must avoid such deadly traps as snake oil salesman , Magic Foot Drafts, 3 Dimensional Age Defiance cellular power infusions, Skin Laser Treatments, deep mud pack facial cleansers, and poison Galvanic potions. Along the way she can start working out on Elliptical Exercise Equipment, Bowflex TreadClimbers, ancient Nordic Tracks, and the Stamina Bio Flex 2200 to loose those added pounds she gained while eating pizza and drinking beer waiting for her game to begin. If Thomas finishes Angela's game, and she finally makes it to the Hall of youth she must face her greatest challenge, suffering the effects of aging for the rest of her natural life. Which won't be very long due to all those nasty creatures who are trying to kill her.

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