Hi Shaun,

You know, that's about the most insulting comment I've heard from you
in a while. We should not be putting our fellow blind brothers/sisters
down for belonging to an institution or being unaware of what
alternatives their are. The entire point Dark was trying to make about
the RNIB and other organizations like them is that they don't often
make their clients aware of what is available to them regardless if
they fit the stereotypical view or not.

For instance, back in the mid 1990's when I started really loosing my
sight BSVI enrolled me in a technology training program to be shown
things like Jaws, Openbook, braille displays, and things like that. I
remember clearly asking my trainer if there were any other screen
readers besides Jaws and he replied that there were other screen
readers but none of them were very good. Jaws was the only one that
was any good, and why BSVI recommended it to their clients. So I
believed him, and took his statement as fact.

Well fast foward to a couple years later. I am now taking a class in
C++, and I had to use Borland's Turbo C++ for class. I could not get
Jaws for Dos to work properly with the C++ compiler. I was on a campis
wide broadband connection so decided to check out other screen readers
like Vocal-Eyes, ASAP, etc. Turns out that Vocal-Eyes worked with
Borland C++ where Jaws for Dos wouldn't. Plus since Vocal-Eyes was
easier to customize than Jaws, no need to write scripts to configure
it for an app, I managed to get through my course using a screen
reader other than Jaws. That lead me to downloadand try everything
from Window-Eyes to ASAW and see if my recommendation from the experts
were true. Fact is the experts were flat out wrong. Today I am now a
happy Window-Eyes user, and I rarely if ever use Jaws.

However, my point is the same as Dark's. I was caught up in the
institutional line, was sold on the idea Jaws is the absolute best,
and that wasn't necessarily true. In fact, today with Window-Eyes and
Hal becoming equal to and sometimes better than Jaws that's definitely
not true. I wouldn't have known that or had reason to look elsewhere
if it hadn't been for an app I couldn't get Jaws to use, and decided
on a whim to try something else and see if it works. I was certainly
not to blame for not knowing any better, and in a sense I was lied to.
This is what the RNIB etc are doing evrytime they give deference to
someone like Azabat without at least representing other game companies
games too. Laughing at our fellow blind brothers/sisters for their
ignorance of such things really shows how immature you are.


On 4/27/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> well I know for a fact that we have better stuff like as a bat.
> Its disgusting that an org caters for the poor blind stereo type.
> Not only that but inferior titles really since simular games, like
> kitchensinc are out.
> Then there is the rsgames client and quentin c playroom for online play.
> These are free and hello! better than that or something I don't know
> because I don't play as a poor blind persons games.
> My suggestion is to let well alone.
> They want to cater for the poor blind, let them, there are plenty of
> poor blind people that want to be poor blind.
> And since they can't see anything bar the poor blind the rest of
> us  can laugh about their sillyness and they won't even give a screw.
> And they won't change.

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