Used to be? You don't break ridiculous nonsensical rules anymore? How disappointing. Even now, I would do it unless the game is still in the beta sage.

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Hi Jim,

Interesting. That could always be. Perhaps some rehab counselors have
some opinion that their clients should not put games on their
machines. That's an attitude that is rediculous since they aren't
hurting anything by being there, and as has been stated that doesn't
stop the client from scanning books, using Office, or anything else
that needs to get done for college, work, etc.

Of course, if my counselor had told me something like that I'd have
gone and done it anyway. My opinion use to be "rules are made for
breaking," and I broke a lot of them growing up. Lol!

On 4/28/11, Jim Kitchen <> wrote:
Hi Thomas,

I have talked with people who told me that they had been told that since
BSVI bought their computer that they were not allowed to put games on it.
So it may not be the individuals but some of the rehab people telling them such things. But I do know of other rehab councilors that put my games on
the clients computers.



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