Hi Dark,

I think you are absolutely right. I believe a lot of the "computer for
work" type attitude largely comes from a misguided sense of fairness
or responcibility. Especially, when the computer in question is
purchased by the state for a specific purpose like school or work. In
the mind of the user its their property not mine so better treat it
that way. Plus since all of the state training is geared that way its
no wonder some people get the notion that the computer should
primarily be their for work and not play.

The reason I say that is I have a very good friend I met in college
about 12 years ago, and he expressed a similar opinion. He had just
gotten his new computer, Jaws, etc from BSVI and I was all set to hook
him up with various accessible games. He surprised me with his
responce. He basically felt since that the computer equipment was
purchased through BSVI that it wasn't really his property, and since
it was purchased to help him with work that he shouldn't put games and
stuff like that on it. Maybe when he got his own computer he'd look at
getting accessible games. It wasn't so much the fact he didn't want
games, but a bit of misguided sense of responcibility that made him
treat the computer as the state's property rather than his own. In his
mind since BSVI actually paid for it then it wasn't his place to put
extra stuff like games on it. I wonder how many other blind computer
users have this opinion when recieving equipment via cherity, state
agency, etc.

However, you are right. Companies don't always delete the free games
from their computers. Maybe some do, but let's face it. Most of them
understand if the secretary is on break she has the right to pull up a
quick game of Hearts, Solitaire, whatever if she wants too. Having the
freedom to sit back an relax for 15 minutes is the entire point of 15
minute breaks. It doesn't matter weather the employee uses the rest
room, gets a cup of coffee from the break room, plays solitaire, as
long as the employee doesn't do those things during normal work time.
I think many VI computer users forget that fact. We all need a break
from the grind of day to day work, and the computer can be used for


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