Hi Dark,

What you say makes perfect sense. I think the attitude you just
describe could describe a number of Aristocratic  families in the
United States as well. Not to mention big name celebrities who think
they are better than anyone else because he or she is a big name
acter, actress, musician, or athlete. Some of them can be quite
unplesent to be around socially I've heard.

For instance, when Britney Spears came out in the late 90's she
marketed herself as a sort of teenage schoolgirl pop star. Dressed up
in a nice black skirt, white blouse, and black knee high stockings for
the album cover, and the two poneytails. Nice decent photo of her, and
a lot of teenage girls worshipped her. In reality time has proven to
show that Britney Spears is a complete git.

There has been one news story after another of the crazy/stupid things
the woman has done. Got drunk and threw beer bottles at the police
when they came to take her kids to visit their dad. Got caught driving
with a baby on her lap without it being properly secured in a infant
car seat. In and out of drug rehab multiple times. Her new tatoo make
over where she looks like street trash rather than the clean teenage
pop star image she presented in the 90's. Then, of course, her former
husband did give an interview to some magazine or other about his
relationship with Britney and he basically said she was a witch. She
had a very nasty attitude about a lot of things. So what's a person to
say about all that?

Answer, not much. Probably not someone I'd like to meet in person
based on what I've heard. She is someone who has let fame and fortune
go to her head. Maybe in the beginning she was what she claimed to be,
but not now.


On 4/29/11, dark <d...@xgam.org> wrote:
> Yes Sean, the cyber queen! ;D.
> Deffinately someone who has removed all emotion I think.
> I actually once had a discussion with someone about whether the Queen could
> pass the turin test ;D.
> In fairness half of my objection to the royal family is actually based
> entirely upon there wellbeing.
> it seems just as unfair that they should be forced into such responsability
> and insanity just by an accident of birth, as that they get so much
> privilidge by that same accident.
> I've met aristocrats, lords and such (durham is that sort of university),
> and generally they've been horrendously unpleasant people who see themselves
> as "entitled" and "better than everyone else" , in fact the only members of
> the Aristocracy I have any time for are those who do something else of
> note, ---- like Professor/lord winston the famous biologist who i've seen on
> a couple of occasions giving talks, and who I ertainly respect far more as a
> scientist and academic, which he has worked to achieve than as a lord which
> he's done nothing for.
> And in the current financial crysis, when the government is stripping money
> from everyone they can, to have these people stil supported by the
> state, ---- not to mention the expense on the blasted wedding is to my mind
> insane! not to mention unfair in the extreme.
> On the subject of the royals being gits, i actually had a friend share a
> tent with prince william in the air training core, and he said he was the
> most completely unpleasant, self obsessed scumbag you could possibly
> imagine, ---- then again given the upbringing, childhood and family he has
> that probably isn't entirely his fault.
> My objection to the monarchy is also tied up with some of my thoughts about
> the nastiness of patriotism (I make a point of never standing should the
> national anthem be played).
> I actually would like to meet the queen, ---- I would take great pleasure in
> calling her Mrs. Windser, ;D.
> Beware the grue!
> Dark.

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