Hi all,

This message is intended for those of you who either write games in BGT that 
use Sapi, or play BGT based games that make use of it.

There has been a long standing issue where certain voices don't work well with 
BGT, obviously affecting all games written with it. For quite some time I had 
no clue why this was, and just put it down to improperly configured voices and 
the like. But I have discovered that the issue stems from the fact that I am 
using the C++ Sapi interface directly, as I am told that programs written in 
languages such as VB or even JavaScript do not suffer from the same problems. 
Thus, I have concluded that I need to redesign the entire Sapi codebase in the 
engine which is what I am now in the process of doing. Instead of calling upon 
the C++ Sapi interface directly I am now using what is known as the COM 
IDispatch interface, which is basically a convenient way of accessing COM 
objects without knowing their API in advance. This is what all of these other 
languages do, and it seems as though voices such as NeoSpeech Kate and Paul 
were written with IDispatch in mind.

As a result of this rewrite, the next version of BGT will allow you to list all 
the available voices on the system and select them on the fly, as can be seen 
in games such as Entombed and all of Jim Kitchen's freeware Sapi based titles. 
I will also endeavour to include features such as changing the pitch of the 
voice, which is fairly easy to do under the hood and give the user a simple 
pitch property that they can manipulate.

Hope this is of interest to some, and thanks for reading.

Kind regards,

Philip Bennefall
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