HI Karl,

Ok, perhaps need is too strong a word for what I mean. You are right
it is possible to play a game like TDV or Rail Racer for that matter
with a keyboard. However, I can say from firsthand experience though
it is much more difficult. You can't react to things as quickly, and
do very very precise turns etc with a keyboard.

Just to clarify when I started playing Rail Racer, for example,  with
a keyboard I could never find a way to increase my laptimes because I
couldn't get the racer to respond to my commands very well. As soon as
I hooked up my Philips 2909 I cut my lap times in half the first time
through. This kind of proves that the gamepads are more responsive to
suddle commands and lets you perform turns and things much quicker and
more nnatural than a keyboard. I've found the very same thing holds
true to TDV.

Personally, I don't see using something as clunky as a keyboard is the
best way to approach games. Especially, those like TDV and Rail Racer
which are easier to play with the gamepad. That's all I'm saying.
There are some games that by their very nature are better to play
using a dedicated game controller.

On 4/30/11, Karl Belanger <karl.belan...@comcast.net> wrote:
> I would like to question the word "need." I have played both games
> extensively with the keyboard and have gotten quite good at them. Sure,
> especially in RR a joystick may make things easier, but both are certainly
> more than doable with the keyboard.
> Karl

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