Exactly what I'm thinking. If yoda lived for 1000 years it's probably because of his race, not because of any force-aided thing. And your estimation of Obi-Wan's age and and the gap between him and Anakin is one I agree with.

At 08:30 PM 07/05/2011, you wrote:
Not that it's been explored much as far as I know but I sort of got the impression that the centuuries-long life span was a characteristic of whatever Yoda's race was. After all at the time of his death I don't think Anakin Skywalker was much over fifty, in his sixties at most I'd guess. He was nineteen or thereabouts at the time of Attack of the Clones and if I'm not mistaken Revenge of the Sith took place three years later. And I don't think it was much over twenty-five years from Revenge of the Sith to Return of the Jedi. Obi-Wan might have been in his seventies or eighties since he would have been at least ten years older than Anakin. But no, I've never heard anything that suggested that human Jedi lived much longer than ordinary folks.
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