Hi Clement,

Yeah, I've listened to the radio dramas. Not just the original A New
Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi but the Dark Forces
and Jedi Knight radio series as well. You are right though the ending
of the ROTJ radio version is pretty cool. Too bad it wasn't in the

Anyway, you've got a point about the age thing. Luke was 40 or 50's
when the war with the Vong broke out and at least in his 50's when the
Legacy series takes place. He definitely could have mopped the floor
with Jason if he wanted too. Let's not forget Mara, who was in her
early 50's as well, gave Jason one heck of a battle too. She probably
could have won, but I think she wasn't fully committed to the idea
this was a fight to the death and didn't want to really kill Jason but
turn him back to the light. Big mistake for her since she ended up
getting killed instead. In any case the authors decided to go for full
drama by having Jaina, his twin sister, finish him off instead of
Luke, Mara, or any of the Jedi masters from the New Jedi Order. One
wonders what a battle between Kip and Jason would have been like.

On 5/7/11, Clement Chou <chou.clem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Pretty good analysis there. grins. I never thought of the Padme
> angle, but you're right... it was pretty obvious that Vader wasn't at
> his best when fighting Luke. And the fact that he tore himself out of
> the dark side to save his son isn't very easy to miss. lol. There was
> a touch in the radio drama of Return of the Jedi that I liked, not
> sure if you've listened to it. At the end of the whole thing when
> Palpatine is blasting Luke with lightning, Vader leaps up and cries,
> "My Son!" Palpatine then commands Vader to put him down, to which
> Vader replies, "I will. Down the core shaft... down to your death!"
> Palpatine than says, "Vader! I am your master!" And the last thing
> Vader says before throwing him down the shaft is, "Darth Vader's
> master. But not Anakin Skywalkers!" I would've liked to see that in
> the movie... and as to Obi-Wan being old, if later episodes count
> Jedi as old as himself can fight just as well as when they are at
> their peak. Luke fought through the entirity of the last battle
> against the Vong in New Jedi Order at probably 40 something... and
> almost kills Jason in Legacy of the Force, a man who is probably 20
> years younger than him... the same age gap, I think, as between
> Obi-wan and Anakin Skywalker / Vader.

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