Well, we do know that the spirit of the person who dies in the Star
Wars universe is able to return and communicate and help the living.
Yoda says in Revenge of the Sith to Obi-Wan this is possible through
the Living Force. Which Qui-Gon Gin was an expert at, and is the first
person we know of to do it. At least in the more modern era anyway.
However, this ability to appear and to speak to the living seems to be
fairly specific to certain people.

For instance, when Obi-Wan dies he only speaks to Luke and Yoda. I
don't know if that is because the Force is required to see and talk to
him, but he never speaks to Leia who also has the Force. However,
Obi-Wan actively helps Luke become a Jedi and councils him in his
early years as a Jedi Knight.

In the Star Wars Legacy series after Jason kills Mara she returns as a
Force spirit. She speaks to Luke and Ben Skywalker, but doesn't seem
to speak or communicate with anyone else. Not even Jaina who she had
taught. However, in the FOTJ series she does speak to Janan Korr
letting him know of a plot to clone Force users so perhaps they aren't
limited to certain people. Interesting enough we do get something of
an answer about life after death in the Star Wars FOTJ series.

In FOTJ Ben and Luke enter a place called the Lake of Apparitions
where Mara's spirit tells them that death is a time of reflection and
a place to lookback on the things one has done both good and bad.
Anakin Solo's spirit is there as well so it seems to be a place where
the spirits of the Jedi go after dying. Although, the book doesn't
mention it perhaps Yoda, Obi-Wan, and all the other Jedis is there


On 5/8/11, shaun everiss <sm.ever...@gmail.com> wrote:
> hmmm
> But what does that say about his later envolvement.
> He became something else.
> In fact before vador struck him he had already gone, so was he able
> to go to whatever when he wanted anyway and if vador killed him could
> actually stay there or just go and have no reason to return.
> Depending on what you acutally listen to, the actual stories or npr,
> depending on what you here there are 2 versions.

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