HI Hayden,

No, that's not correct.

First, the Empire and the Republic aren't the same thing. The
Republic, in this case the Old Republic, was a republic of planets
governed by a senate and a chancellor for several thousand years. They
were protected by the Jedi Knights who were peace officers and what we
might think of as galactic police. In Attack of the Clones Chancellor
Palpatine convinced the senate to give him absolute power so he could
direct the war with the Separatests, which he secretly commanded as
Darth Cidious, so he could take over the Republic. By the time the war
was over instead of returning power to the senate Palpatine declared
himself emperor and since the clones were directly under his soul
command he held all of the military might and power to govern the
galaxy. After Palpatine became emperor the Imperial senate was only
there to manage day to day government, but they could not inact laws
without Palpatine's personal approval. However, like all other hostile
take overs the Empire was a military dictatorship. So the governments
of the Republic and Empire were totally different.

Second, the clones were genetically designed to obey the chancellor,
in this case Palpatine, and were loyal to him personally rather than
any specific government. Since the clones were loyal to Chancellor
Palpatine personally rather than the Republic Senate, the Jedi
Knights, etc he was able to direct the military in whiping out the
Jedi with Order 66 and take soul control of the Republic forming the
Empire. It was a military take over/dictatorship. Palpatine was just
very clever how he went about it.


On 5/7/11, Hayden Presley <hdpres...@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Well...that's a bit confusing. The way I understood it they were programmed,
> as such, to obey the Republic. COnsidering that the empire was the republic,
> they had to obey.
> Best Regards,
> Hayden

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