Ok, I've played through the first four missions.  This is a
fascinating game, and I'm very much looking forward to elaborations, more
species and a free play mode.  I do have some thoughts and observations that
should in no way be taken as anything but constructive from someone who
really likes this concept.


Interface: you have inconsistent behavior for the space bar and esc keys
that doesn't match the docs, or at least as I understand what is supposed to
happen.  There appear to be two different levels of interaction from the
pause mode: one before you select a tile to interact with and one after.
This is fine, and the before selection appears to operate as advertised, but
once you've selected a tile, there appears to be no graceful way to back out
of a menu selection to the pre-tile-selection mode.  Hitting escape, which
according to the docs is supposed to get you out of the menu actually
unpauses the game.  In order to scan multiple tiles, one has to hit esc,
then quickly hit spacebar to pause, or the game advances a tick, which could
be important in complex dome scenarios, and is not expected behavior.


Effects that span tiles?  Are there any?  I'm not clear which effects span
multiple tiles and which are restricted to a particular tile.  If for
instance, I have many rocks but no grass in one tile, but I have a lot of
grass but few rocks in an adjacent tile, does this affect bug production as
if both tiles were balanced, or is it calculated on a per-tile basis?  What
about the grass/moss/mushroom balance, is that calculated over the whole
dome, or within each tile?  And the animals that feed on these things, I
note they aren't assigned a tile, so I suppose the food supply is gotten
from the terrain overview?


I haven't finished mission 5 yet, is there more to do after that?  Do I get
to play with all the species at once in the current version?


                Chris Bartlett


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