Hi Clement,

Ah, sorry I misunderstood you. Yeah, I thought you meant write a
beat-m-up and then convert the idea to an FPS or something like that.
That obviously wouldn't be ideal as I've done it once for MOTA, and
definitely wouldn't want to go through that again. :D

Anyway, I certainly understand your logic of perhaps developing a
variety of Star Wars games ranging from the simple beat-m-up to more
complex FPS games I think that I can do much better than that
personally. After all, the main purpose I have invested so much time
as well in money developing my Genesis 3D engine is so that I could
create high performance FPS games on par with mainstream games. You
know, even something like Jedi Knight, which was released 15 years
ago, would be a vast leap forward as far as accessible games goes.
Shades of Doom, while advanced in terms of accessible games goes,
doesn't quite go far enough in advancing accessible FPS gaming with
full 3d elements, complex attacks, and full scale 3d levels.
Basically, what I'm saying is I think if I do it it should be with the
intent to imitate mainstream games like Jedi knight rather than fall
back upon a less safisticated format/design.

As far as Darth Bane goes I've read some of the books in that series,
but haven't really considered any games in that particular era. I
suppose the main reason is given the limited number of enemies in that
series, and by then Darth Bane had created the law of two in order to
hide the Sith from Jedi attention. In order to design a game in that
particular era, about 1,000 years before A New Hope, I'd probably have
to write it from the perspective of Darth Bane. That certainly would
be interesting fighting the Galactic Republic from the Sith point of
view rather than fighting the Sith from the Jedi point of view.


On 5/10/11, Clement Chou <chou.clem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Fair enough. And that was no more than that, a suggestion. While I
> would've liked a tomb Raider-esc experience, I'm more than happy with
> what we're getting... side scrollers and 3d games are both styles I
> happen to enjoy. I just suggested a beat em up because it would be
> easy to start. as to timeline... there's another era I was wondering
> about, though this probably coincides with the old republic series.
> Have you ever thought about writing a game based around Darth Bane?
>  From when he was a minor on a backwater planet to the sith academy
> or coriban? That would be cool, too. And just to clarify in case it
> didn't come across, when I said start small and think bigger I meant
> with each game. I didn't mean make a beat em up and then a 3d version
> of that same game... far from it. I understand how much that can take
> out of someone... just thinking about the different programming and
> planning required makes my head spin. But if you were to say make
> separate serieses based off different eras, in the longterm? Start
> simple, and then when you move to a different timeline and a
> different series of game, increase the scope. That, in my personal
> opinion, gives you more options for a longer-lasting series of games.
> But just my thoughts, as usual.

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