Lol! No kidding. There is a television show that actually has stories
about this kind of crazy thing all the time. The stupid ways people
whipe themselves out of existance is amazing. Some people don't seem
to make a destinction between games, movies, etc and reality.

For example, the funniest by far is the idiot who put a Jato, jet
assisted take off rocket, on his Chevy and tried to make a rocket car
out of it. He took his modified Chevy out to a five mile stretch near
his home, got the car up to like 60 MPH, and then activated the Jato.
Police on the seen of the accident said with in a second the car went
from 60 to 300 MPH, and the guy hit his breaks which only ripped the
tires off the car.  He skidded to the end of the five mile stretch,
hit an embankment, which cause the car to go airborn, and he flew 112
feet into the air before hitting the side of a mountain. Where upon he
exploded and the only parts they found left of the guy was his finger
nails buried in a part of the stearing wheel. The rest was insinerated
on impact. How is that for taking yourself out of existance?


On 5/19/11, Charles Rivard <woofer...@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> If you don't take into consideration the difference between gaming and real
> life, you just might earn yourself a Darwin award and never even know it.
> (grin)
> ---
> Laughter is the best medicine, so look around, find a dose and take it to
> heart.

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