Hi Matheus,
I am not against adult games with violence and sex.
As long as they are sold as what they are.
Most games take moral stands.
One good example is Dungeons and Dragons.
You can play that game but must decide if your character is evil, neutral, or good.
If you play it as an evil character, you can kill any one and any thing.
If neutral you should only kill creatures and beings that attack you or ones you need to survive.
If good, you try not to kill anything if possible.
There are consequences if you stray from your moral direction.
For example you could be arrested if you harm an innocent creature or person. Many people would not like to play a game that required you to torture and kill and eat human babies to survive.


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i wonder why sighted games can contain brutal violence, not only against
human, but animals and everything, just as an example check out one of
the call of duty games, i think it was modern warfare 2, it had a scene
that you had to kill innocent peoples that were in the streets, there
was no way of avoiding it, and it was shocking.
now why blind games can't have that kind of stuff? we are special and
different peoples in a perfect world were violence is nonexistent? we can't have adult
games? only games with adult words like hangman, concentration, etc?
i'm glad that you can choose to kill these monkeys and i really hope
that you add even human vs human combat in the game.
this email is not to offend you phil, but just to comment on what you
said, if these peoples don't like what they see in the game, it's easy,
philip is not forcing anyone to play it.

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