I've just uploaded version 2.5.  It hasn't been tested as well as I'd normally 
like, but you guys are always pretty good at spotting any problems, so I'll sit 
back and see if I missed anything lol.  In this version, the options menu has 
been replaced with a dome editor!  The editor saves files with a .dom extension 
and allows people to swap them with each other.  To load up a dome file, there 
is an option listed in the custom game section.  Crud, I Just! not remembered I 
was supposed to adjust the background music volume, oh well, i'll do that 
later.  Another new feature in version 2.5 is an audio energy tracker that you 
can turn on or off by holding Shift and pressing X.  When active, a tone helps 
you keep track of how much power you have, without the need to continually 
press X.  It's a rough idea, so I'm still open to suggestions for how to handle 
it, just in case you all think this current technique is terrible haha.  For 
those who have unlocked
 mission 10, I've added a new "fun fact" to the list given when you press "?".  
And there is also an interesting way to customize the game.  This only works if 
you've unlocked mission 10 mind you, but create a text file in the lunimals 
folder called "founder.txt".  Inside this file write your first name, press 
enter, then type your last name.  This should result in your name being divided 
in to 2 lines in the text file.  When the game loads, it will customize certain 
messages to use your name.  I know that doesn't change the game play at all, 
but it is something someone suggested and I put it in.  I can't remember who 
suggested it though, so I apologize to whomever it was because I'm not giving 
you credit for the suggestion.

For those missing the link, here it is.

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