If you want to try this out, and let me know if the python to executable plugin 
has worked at all in making this an actual command line executable for windows 
machines, you can download the following:
(roundabout 4Mb)

In there it would be best to currently run mapData.exe from an actual command 
line since I see it sort of throws away the last, outro message if you succeed 
on the quest as such, and while am busy putting in a way to actually hide the 
contents of your mission's data files, you'll see that there are some text 
files there that provide the information/background for the whole (small) thing:

While might try explaining the contents of those files a bit better later on, 
there are sort of comments in there, that should make some sense, and the 
primary initial thing I'd like to know/find out is if this executable can run 
on many windows machines at all as such, since while it includes the MS C 
runtimes needed for some things, I do have full versions of visual studio.net 
installed on all my machines as such, so not 100% sure what will happen on all 
machines, but anyway.

Also, haven't gotten around to trying to generate forms of executables for 
other platforms as of yet, but let's see if even this will work for real first.

The basic command set is the following, but you can also be prompted this 
during game play by just typing in something like ? and hitting enter:
N, S, E, W, U and D - all directional commands - and last 2 are up and down
T and P - take and put, followed by item/object name
C - communicate with an NPC - you'll be offered a list of possibles after 
typing this and hitting enter
V - commit violence on an NPC - you'll be offered a list of possibles after 
typing this and hitting enter
L - look or when combined with an item name, it gives you the details - if 
you've already picked it up
X - exit
R - review travel directions available
H - review your health
I - review your inventory

Might have forgotten some as of now, and there might be various bugs in this 
code, etc., but would still like to know if usable at all as such, and only 
other trick is in a new location, you'll need to look for something before 
knowing if it's there to take as such.

This is also just currently generating command line output, but on windows 
anyway, I can also tell it to talk using some screenreaders, or sapi etc. at 
some stage.

Lastly, there are 2 of the items you'll need to pick up and go and place in 
other locations/areas to finish off this test mission - and that's as far as 
will go for now...<smile>

Jacob Kruger
Blind Biker
Skype: BlindZA
'...fate had broken his body, but not his spirit...'
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