Hi Jeremy an dall,
I'm really digging Temporal so far, hats off for a truly unique game concept, something about as close to Portal as I've seen for us blind folks. For those of you that have not tried Temporal, or tried it and didn't really get into it, I highly recommend you give it a solid shot. It takes a bit to grasp the whole concept, but once you get it, you'll love what Jeremy has done here me thinnks. Here are some notes I hope you find helpful, as a developer, I try to provide as much constructive input as I can for other game devs, so please don't take any of this as a knock on the game: 1 mission 1: when you open the l 10 door on j 10 the game says door at j 10 is open instead of door at l 10 2. can saved games use standard windows file prompts? if we were able to look at a file structure, we could review the names of our saved game files, clean them up as we went, etc. 3. This may have to wait on sound effects, but having the messages loop can be confusing, as we don't know when we've reached the end of the series of messages. If messages could just stop at either end, or have a sound effect to let you know you looped, that might be good. 4. If I remember correctly, you don't use Jaws yourself, but JFW is currently the most widely used screenreader in the states, and frankly SAPI is usually a poor substitute for a professional screenreader. Have you considered integrating the jfw.api or maybe Jamal Lewis' say tools? I'm not sure if either even works with vb 6, but if so, the integration was quite simple, at least with vb.net. 5. In my opinion having the instructions read out in game by SAPI is frustrating, especially with a game using such a unique premise and needing some review as you go of the instructions. Thanks for the read me with the commands, but why not have the instructions as a seperate text file as well? Better yet, a simple .html with headings would be ideal, since it makes accessible navigation a snap. Also, in my experience, audio tutorials go a long way in getting across how a game is played, as folks seem to listen to an audio tutorial when they won't read instructions, or just skim the instructions and hope to learn the game on the fly, something that might end up running off players that would otherwise love this game if they took the time to understand how its played. One odd thing: The first time i played the game, I walked from A 1 to G 7, and the game ended, sending me to the main menu. I am pretty sure it was g7 anyhow. When I started a new game, it put me at the standard start spot. This is in reference to mission 1. I am always glad to help promote cutting edge and unique accessible games, and to that end I can put up a splash page for our members at BA to let them know about the game if you would like once your out of beta. We did this with Entombed, and ended up turning a lot of folks onto the game for Jason, and I'm going to do the same for GMA games once TOC is finalized..
  Well done sir, and again, I hope this is of some benefit to you.
  Che (pronounced Shay, despite what Jaws thinks)

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