Che, you've brought up some very good suggestions, and I've written them down.  
I've been saying for a while that I feel bad for people who are forced to use 
sapi when they'd rather be using Jaws.  I've yet to find any good documentation 
for adding jaws support, so if you happen to know of a good source, I'd be 
happy to know of it.

The door thing is probably a typo on my part, but I will take a look.  I've not 
really bothered with the read me file yet, but I guess I do need to stop coding 
to mess with that sooner or later.  Even though I shouldn't, I usually consider 
the read me file one of those little optional details that slows me down.  As 
far as audio walk throughs are concerned, I fully expected some to start 
popping up from the community here.  With my other games, it didn't take long 
for people to post their own, so I didn't worry about creating one myself.  
Wishful thinking, lol.

The crashing incident was probably one of the game bugs that was fixed along 
the way, I think I remember something about fixing a bug that could make the 
game close.  If it happens again, using the newest version, please let me know! 
 I would be very happy if you spread word of the game to your BA friends.  I'm 
not sure you'd want to wait for me to take it out of beta though, rofl, since I 
have a nasty habit of forgetting to ever do that.  In fact, I'm 90% sure all of 
my games still say beta, but I could be wrong about that.  I guess leaving a 
game in beta is the new trend with games.  When you play, just about any 
facebook game, they will say beta just to use that as a crutch when any bugs 

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