Version 0.3b is posted, and it changes things a bit internally.  While 
improving the quality of the random word switching, I found a small bug that 
was actually the reason it sometimes swapped out words that had already been 
swapped out.  I'm happy to say, it seems to work much better now!

When you reach 10 tasks, it starts swapping 2 words, which is not news to many 
of you.  However, I have also made it so that sometimes, after this point, it 
won't tell you the exact room to find your item in.  For instance, it might 
tell you to get the alarm clock, and leave off the hint that it is in the 
bedroom.  When you hit 30 tasks, the game will begin changing 3 words each 
time!  I'm also pleased to inform everyone, that the game can now be won if you 
manage to complete 50 tasks for the crazy guy.  You'll be treated with a short 
story letting you know how things worked out.  I've also squashed the different 
bugs people have brought to my attention.

I would recommend starting over once you download the new 0.3b version.  It 
will probably work fine with old saved games, but I can't guarantee it, and 
it's probably better to be safe than sorry.  While using this new version, you 
will have your last task saved into a file called lasttask.txt, in the game's 
directory.  For people who want to share crazy sentences, this seemed like a 
convenient way to get the message out of the game.  I know screen readers can 
save what they read into a text log, but I didn't want people to have to go 
through the extra steps if they didn't want to.

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