Hi Jess,

Dark was one of the people defending the developer and not one of
those who were accusing him of scamming the community. He  wrote the
Scammers 4 joke to make light of or fun of the people who were
accusing Jake of scamming the community, because he like I felt that
the accusations were baseless. At least if you are going to spit fire
and sparks at someone you should at least aim it in the right
direction, and not at one of Jake's defenders.

As for apologising I do agree that the people flaming Jake do owe him
a public apology. What they did and said were not right, and they
never gave him a chance to prove his intentions before flaming him.
However, I sincerely doubt we will ever see one from that camp,
because that's the type of people they are.  They can throw
accusations around all day, hoping they stick, and have no shame if
they are proven false or baseless in the end.


On 6/16/11, Jess Varnell <rory0...@yahoo.com> wrote:
> i know this message will get me banned and you kno what? I don't give a
> f***. All you people are stupid and have nothing better to do than sit
> around and make fun of others for not getting a game out on time. Dark,
> because you are a moderator, does that give you the right to do that? i
> don't think so. People are people. They have lives other than this. I play
> alter aeon and people like Oriol who genuinely care about people are cool.
> As for the rest of you, I think all who was involved in that stupid
> scammers4 buslsh*** should apologize. Just my thoughts.
> Jess

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