Personally tom I'm happy as is.

maybe in the planning stages sapi would've been easier to add for menues, speaking of health etc, but now you've got all that done with prerecorded synth files it seems silly to change it.

That being said however, I am pleased to here that sapi support is in the genesis engine generally, sinse it's one of these things that comes in useful, for instance people could now write their own driver names in raceway, or, if you make an arcade style game with scoring use sapi to write their names.

While I'm very much in favour of human voices being used for human characters, for menues and in game info as I've said synths are fine, and sapi usually has the advantage of being both easy to implement, and able to easily take the users' own in put for anything needed in the game.

As I said, sinse Mota has already been done speech wise changing it just seems extra work imho, but this is a good thing for future games I think.

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